Histolab Water-Max infusion Mist 140ml

Mineral-moisture mist replenish abundant of water to the skin

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An ultra-light weight mist designed to hydrate and help maintain skin’s water-oil balance with Hyaluronic Acid


Immediate Moisturizing
Increases skin’s moisture level with refreshing ingredients and maintains skin hydration

Hydrates and softens dry, cracked, or flaky skin
Arranges dead skin dells and promote the absoption of essence

Strengthens immune system
Protects the skin from external aggressions by delivery of cell strengthening nutrients

Prevents oily skin by sebum control
Light spray nourishes skin with a unique infusion of natural active ingredients to restore moisture balance, pore contraction

How to Use

Use morning and night as required
After cleansing, spray onto the face or apply it with cotton pad

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140 ml