Histolab Water-Max Hydrating Cream 50ml

Advanced hydrating cream with optimal efficacy on skin moisture and oil balance

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Forms natural external layers of the skin defense by reducing evaporation of skin moisture and oil. Restores cellular function against external harmful hazards and UV rays


Retains high water volume
Enhances capacity to retain water with Hyaluronic Acid

Forms a protective film at skin’s surface
Plant stem cell helps restoring of lost film of oil and moisture

Enhances elasticity
Leaves skin more velvety by balance of oil and moisture

Rich Bio ingredients
Instantly diffuse the hydrating sensation to the skin and prevent the evaporation of moisture

Refreshes with no stickiness
Improves soothing, a silky touch and a sensation of comfort

How to Use

  1. Use morning and night as required
  2. After Hudrating Moisturizer, apply on the face and neck

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50 ml