Histolab Omega Spot Care Solution 12ml

Effective spot care solution for Acne free skin

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Active natural agents with properties, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for treating an affected area on the face


Instant trouble treatment
Treats your acne blemish on the spot to heal it as quickly as possible and return your skin to its natural, healthy glow.

Potent Soothing
Helps repair the skin around the blemish to reduce overall inflammation, redness and post-acne marks.

Forms a defense film against outer environmental pollutants
Fundamentally controls sebaceous secretion and protect the skin from outer pollutants.

Immediate absoption with refreshing, moisturizing activities
Absorbs quickly and penetrates instantly with no stickiness.

How to use

  1. Use morning and night as required
  2. Apply gently a small amount of the cream on the inflamed or acne developed area with cotton bud or sigle-use gloves


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12 ml