Histolab Delta Active Cream 50ml

Water-oil balance Cream for sensitive skin affected by skin trouble

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Helps soothe the skin trouble from loss of moisture and excess sebum and minimizes acne-scars by accelerating skin cell regeneration


Restores acnex scars rapidly
Acts directly upon the acnex lesions, provides antimicrobial protection, medicates and heals the comedones.

Leaves your skin smooth and without acnex scars
Natural ingredients combat all damages to skin by preventing cellular damages.

Soothes inflammation and redness
Perfectly calms the irritated skin, moisturizes and softens it with its healing properties and achieve the perfect clear complexion.

Soothing sensitive skin
Helps soothe the sensitive skin from acne or skin trouble with Aloe Vera extract which provides abundant moisture into the skin for 24 hours.

How to Use

  1. Use morning and night as required
  2. After moisturizing serum, apply gently over face.

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50 ml